Thursday, September 1, 2011

And the tattles begin...

B: We were playing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at recess and M. was a Decepticon and he took all our powers.

Not sure about this one, but if you're playing Transformers isn't that kind of the point? How does one "take all your powers?" Maybe I should investigate this further.

I love that they subtitle their recess games.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Haven't Laughed this Hard in Long time.

I know I've been MIA for awhile. Can't promise I won't disappear again, but this was too funny not to post.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Daylight Savings

Trying to stay positive. Usually I'm just bitter.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blow out

My blow dryer died this morning. I drove to school with the window down. It wasn't pretty.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Grammys

Loved the show last night.  I didn't watch it live and I thought I'd just buzz through the whole thing before I went to bed but it was so good the only things I could skip were the commercials and Barbara Streisand -- sorry Babs, but your performance just did not have the energy that every other one did.

It got off to a slightly shaky start with the Aretha Franklin tribute -- love Jennifer Hudson -- she should have done it all.  But from there on out I was spellbound.  Lady Gaga is so weird but she knows how to write a catchy tune.  Bruno Mars songs are overplayed and annoying but I loved the remix and can appreciate his musical talent.  The Cee Lo's song was funny considering the lyrics.  I mean puppets, peacock, and Gwenyth? Usher and Justin Bieber and the whole Pinkett-Smith family are just fun to watch (seriously gonna go see Never Say Never) and I am still haunted by Eminem and Rhianna.  I loved Love the Way you Lie the first time I heard it and last night with the flames and the fire it was perfection.  I woke up humming it in my head.

The gem of the night was getting to see my favorite band of the year Mumford & Sons play with the Avett Brothers and Bob Dylan.  I was secretly hoping they'd pull off an upset and win Best New Artist.  I thought Justin Bieber or Drake had it on lock.  If Florence and the Machine won I might have broken my TV but Esperanza Spalding?  Hmm, Who Knew? 

My other favorite of the night was Keith Urban, John Mayer, and Norah Jones singing Jolene--Awesome.   I'm happy for Arcade Fire getting best album, but I kinda think Eminem was robbed.  You know who wasn't robbed?  Muse.  Really great show.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wolf Review

So it's after school and I'm sitting in my classroom when my teammate comes in and shares a link which made me laugh so hard I nearly had to drive home, because let's just say it was an inside recess day and I haven't been able to leave the kiddos long enough to take care of some personal um...needs.  Anyway -- Here it is -- be prepared -- you might want to potty first.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Dual Function Design, November 10, 2008
This item has wolves on it which makes it intrinsically sweet and worth 5 stars by itself, but once I tried it on, that's when the magic happened. After checking to ensure that the shirt would properly cover my girth, I walked from my trailer to Wal-mart with the shirt on and was immediately approached by women. The women knew from the wolves on my shirt that I, like a wolf, am a mysterious loner who knows how to 'howl at the moon' from time to time (if you catch my drift!). The women that approached me wanted to know if I would be their boyfriend and/or give them money for something they called mehth. I told them no, because they didn't have enough teeth, and frankly a man with a wolf-shirt shouldn't settle for the first thing that comes to him.

I arrived at Wal-mart, mounted my courtesy-scooter (walking is such a drag!) sitting side saddle so that my wolves would show. While I was browsing tube socks, I could hear aroused asthmatic breathing behind me. I turned around to see a slightly sweaty dream in sweatpants and flip-flops standing there. She told me she liked the wolves on my shirt, I told her I wanted to howl at her moon. She offered me a swig from her mountain dew, and I drove my scooter, with her shuffling along side out the door and into the rest of our lives. Thank you wolf shirt.

Pros: Fits my girthy frame, has wolves on it, attracts women
Cons: Only 3 wolves (could probably use a few more on the 'guns'), cannot see wolves when sitting with arms crossed, wolves would have been better if they glowed in the dark.
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Unfortunately I already had this exact picture tattooed on my chest, but this shirt is very useful in colder weather.
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